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Feasibility Study

Feasibility Study - technical and economic research and justification of the project, which gives an understanding of the main economic indicators and parameters of the project (RevPAR, ADR, Occ, IRR, NPV, EBITDA). The documentation is the basis for the implementation of the subsequent stages of the hotel project.

The result of the feasibility study is the conclusion and recommendations of the Contractor on the most efficient way of developing the hotel complex (format, level, star rating, and hotel product) in terms of profitability and return on investment of the project initiator.

from 3 500 EUR

Marketing research & analytics

To achieve the most accurate predictions when developing marketing research, Umbrella Hospitality uses not only its experience in the markets of the Russian Federation, the CIS and Europe, but also attracts its partners. Thus, the customer receives the most objective marketing "meta-analysis" for the future hotel project. The main areas of research are:

  • Feasibility Study (feasibility study of hotel projects);

  • Segmentation research (assessment of the main CA of the hotel product);

  • Demand estimation;

  • Sales forecasting (calculation RevPAR, GopPAR, NetRevPAR, ADR, Occ);

  • Consumer decision process research (analysis of the product during the decision of the main CA));

  • Price elasticity testing (analysis and forecast of pricing elasticity for selling a hotel product and additional services).

from 3 500 EUR

Business plans and financial modelling


We specialize in developing financial models, income programs and business plans for hotel projects in the Russian Federation, the CIS and Europe. Practice shows that our financial models are among the most accurate on the market (the dispersion of the main economic indicators of the efficiency of hotel enterprises is not more than 5%). We apply the best world practices and develop financial documentation according to international standards.

from 9 500 EUR

Hotel Concept

The Analysis of the project documentation and decisions are taken to ensure the compliance with the requirements of modern hotel technologies and the hotel function of the projected facility in general, issuing comments, recommendations for architectural and planning solutions, engineering support for the hotel facilities, taking into account the technology and logistics of hotels.

Participation in drafting tasks necessary for and adjusting project documentation and developing a design project of the Hotel.

from 7 500 EUR

Hotel Construction

Our company Umbrella Hospitality provides comprehensive services for the maintenance and construction of hotel projects. As part of the tasks, the company takes responsibility for the following tasks:

  • Sketch design;

  • Development of Design projects;

  • Preparation of TK for the construction of hotel projects

  • Preparation of technical specifications for engineering hotel chains

  • Architectural design;

  • Development of the project (stage "P" / "RD");

  • Coordination;

  • Licensing of hotel projects;

  • Technical and architectural supervision;

  • Construction work;

  • Finishing works;

  • Equipment and equipment of hotel projects "turnkey"

For 2019, the company has implemented more than 20 hotel projects, 6 is under construction.

from 100 000 EUR

Hotel equipment (FF&E, OS&E)

The company Umbrella Hospitality provides professional services for the assembly of hotels with professional special equipment at the best prices on local markets. We work directly with factories and plants, implementing high production standards and control quality at every stage of project implementation. We specialize in the following professional equipment:

  • Automation and scheduling;

  • Low-current system;

  • Electrician;

  • ACS and electronic locks;

  • Audio and video systems for hotels;

  • Furnishings;

  • Kitchens for apartment hotels;

  • Appliances;

  • Textile;

  • Decor;

  • Specialized hotel equipment;

  • Equipment for food services;

  • Equipment for kitchens and workshops;

  • Equipment for public places;

  • Conference hall equipment;

  • Equipment for country hotels;

  • The system of "smart home" and "Internet of things."

  • Floor coverings;

  • Wall coverings;

  • Ceiling coverings;

  • Plumbing;

  • Lift equipment;

  • Balcony spaces;

  • Landscaping.


from 25 000 EUR

Hotel Sales & Marketing

  • Increasing the load of hotels along the main sales channels;

  • Reducing the cost of borrowing (reducing the cost of sales);

  • Development of marketing strategies (incl. Digital marketing);

  • Creation or optimization of a hotel site (incl. Promotion in the main search engines);

  • Development of measures to increase hotel sales in all areas;

  • Hotel registration in leading IDS / OTA (direct contracts) and work algorithms;

  • Connecting the hotel to the GDS (through Umbrella partners) and wholesale;

  • Development of Upsell hotel systems (up to 15% of the company's revenue);

  • Development of CRM and ERP hotel systems;

  • Optimization of hotel reviews at leading sites, SERM ratings;

  • Improving hotel ratings at leading sites (programs with guarantees);

  • Conclusion of the hotel in the top 10 leading IDS in local and regional markets;

  • MICE sales, contracts with leading global event agencies;

  • Corporate hotel sales;

  • Development of concepts for media advertising campaigns incl. digital for hotels;

  • Revenue Management.


from 5 000 EUR


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